Middleroad Signcrafts (MRS) was first established in 1970 operating from a makeshift shack in Middleroad and manufacturing license plates for vehicles.

Today, it is a full-fledged signcrafts company with 5 operating arms offering a wide range of signcraft, display and instant services.

The growth of MRS stems from simple approach to business: that of hard work, fair pricing and value for money.

Over the years, this approach has evolved into an operating philosophy that is blend of two strengths: traditional values, modern methods

Range of Services

One of the key strengths of MRS and the foundation for its growth over the years, has been its ability to provide an ever-growing range of services to meet the ever-changing needs of business and industry from major private and public corporations to the small enterprise and the individual.


All about good signs

The staple product of MRS, our range of signcraft services includes the fabrication, installation and maintanance of both indoor and outdoor signages, ready-made signs as well as large-format banners, mobiles and point-of-sale collateral.

Displays for events & exhibitions

MRS expertise in signcrafts now extends to include all aspects of events and exhibitions display, from concept to construction and installation of all displays and stnads for a particular event. One of MRS' latest acquisitions is an ultra-new range of attractive modular tentages so far seen only in Europe and North America. Thanks to MRS' continual search for new and innovative ideas, these tentages are now available for rent (at an affordable price) to add prestige and a fresh look to any event or exhibition.

Hi-tech number plates

Another innovation now available exclusively through MRS; is the Ustch Classic Vehicle Number Plate system from Germany. Hi-tech in design and distinctive-looking, each number plate is made of high-density unbreakable aluminium with the vehicle number permanently embossed by precision machine. The process of fabrication is clean and environment friendly. Immediately popular since its introduction the new number plate system is set to replace the old flimsy plastic types.

Instant & express services

Namecards, letterheads, invoices, receipt books, event certificates, greeting cards and rubber stamps made while you wait. The hallmark of MRS' Instant & Express services is speed, and the ability to meet the needs of both individuals and organizations who need things in a hurry. No order is too small; non too big.

Franchises in the pipeline

The popularity of the MRS' number plate and instant & express services has led MRS to study the feasibility of developing a franchise for launch both here and in countries in the region. Such a franchise would serve to fulfill two long term goals of MRS: to make its one-stop-many-services concept more readily available and to offer a unique opportunity for aspiring individuals to own a profitable business that provides a useful service.

Organization & Operations

MRS Corporate Office & Central Production

This is the heart of the MRS' organization, seeing to the management, finance and administration of all MRS' operations and outlets. The backbone of MRS' varied operations, the Kaki Bukit 4 storey premises houses the main fabrication plant and storage facilities in support of MRS' projects.

Raffles Place Store

MRS' primary retail store is located at the heart of Singapore's Financial District, offering the most complete range of MRS' products and services: from signages, displays and project management, to printing and rubber stamp services. Equipped with the latest hi-tech computerized equipment and trained personnel, we are gladly able to provide the companies within the Central Business District expert advice on the appropriate design, typeface and material to use. For those who need instant signs, just pop in to our shop and look over our wide range of attractive yet functional ready-made signs.

Specialist Subcontractors

As part of its effort to ensure that clients' needs are met in good time and with the right expertise, MRS also engages the services of a regular pool of specialist subcontractors that it has built up over the years. They comprise both local firms offering specialist facilities and expertise, as well as firms from countries in the region (such as Thailand) offering particular excellence in craftsmanship.


Vision for the future

As a forward-thinking organization, MRS has set itself a vision for the future. To firmly entrench itself as a household name in business & industry in the years to come.

To achieve this vision, MRS has already embarked upon a concerted strategy involving:

- Updating and streamlining its management structure and policies
- Training and developing its staff to better their work skills and career opportunities
- Upgrading and acquiring new technology and equipment
- Expanding and making even more comprehensive its range of products and services
- Planning for the establishment of more outlets (including franchise outlets) to make MRS services even more readily available to its clients